Why Khantze?

Production and Quality

We are committed to exceeding your expectations by manufacturing the highest quality handmade carpets
in a timely manner


Direct oversight from Tsultrim and his innovative methods for perfecting the in-house dyeing techniques create a consistent and highly desirable color palette.


We strive for the highest knot count in the industry. This contributes to the tightness of the carpets which results in enduring quality and beauty for many generations to come.

Quality Controls

Management’s focus on attention to detail through quality controls at every critical stage of production ensures that several layers of reviews are performed even before the finished product.


Tenzin looks for operational efficiency opportunities at every stage of production and is responsible for communicating and overseeing the timeliness of the production schedules on a weekly basis.

Communication and Trust

Samten is committed to growing meaningful partnerships and understands that this requires building trust through transparent communication and respecting your brand.